If a Dragon you wish to become…

In theme, we are traditional and austere, an aesthetic order comparable to manners of living adopted amid a world of technology in prehistory, before the EVE gate, which eschewed luxury or comfort in favour of aspiring to a state of mind, a meditative order of existing which led to mastery and discipline, which in turn led to the formation of advanced combatants capable of multiplying their force many times over in the face of adversity.

Parallel to this way of life, we must also keep in mind that we are transhuman. We are capsuleers able to live far beyond our natural lifespans and perpetuate ourselves even after death by destruction. We are no longer subject to boundaries nor distance, and able to cross vast distances in the blink of an eye. We are absolutely free. We align ourselves to codes and duties in order to challenge ourselves and not become complacent in the face of the conflicts that afflict those less able to defend themselves. We will not be police, that niche is filled, but we will liberate and enlighten as we go.

Ancient Vherokior texts speak of times that were ancient before the EVE gate, of disciplines of the mind and body that we are able to master even now, so many thousands of years later. We will master our manners and speech and present ourselves as exemplary in all things without vanity or conceit. We will stand tall even alone and even taller together, and we will not leave a pilot behind. We will be noble and gracious, and serve as examples in all of our endeavours. We are nigh-immortal and we will hurl our mortal sleeves wrapped in metal and energy at our foes over and over again if we must. Our wills alone define our limits.

Old Vhek parables speak of Vherokior wandering and roaming for generations, and tales older still speak of clans and cultures that have dominated their domains with honour and dignity. Now that we are transhuman and beyond such things as enclosurism and regressive territory disputes, we are free to pursue the purity of those traditional sources and present an enlightened perspective upon their mysteries and secrets, to practice them anew, and revive what is lost to us all regardless of origin.

In doing this, we improve ourselves and grow greater, we add value to ourselves that is in addition to that which we purchase or implant into our flesh. We multiply our force on the battlefield and we grow amid the darkness as lights burning eternal.

Tetseptus’ words, spoken during an address to new pilots

The Path of the Dragon Knight

The dragon knight treasures the state, friendship, duty, promises, kindness, vengeance, honor, and righteousness more than his own life.

– The Way of the Dragon Warrior

These are the ideals that combat pilots (xia) of the Jin Hu house of