The Way of the Golden Dragon: Combat HUANG style!

The Way of the Golden Dragon is the foundation of the combat style employed by the combat pilots of Huang Yinglong. Learn the Way, and master the Eight Qualities and Twelve Abilities, and you will gain the skills to be a xia of Huang Yinglong.

The Way is subtle and simple, but the meaning is timeless and profound.
The Way has a gate leading inside; it also has a Yin and a Yang.
The gate leading inside constantly opens and closes,
Yin and Yang ebb and flow.
When the Way is battle, be full-spirited within,
But outwardly show calm and be at peace;
Appear to be as gentle as a butterfly, but react like a leaping tiger.
Though hidden within, the spirit of the body moves;
Though obscured like a setting sun, the spirit moves like an bolt of lightning,
Catching the body and outrunning shadow like a mirage.
Back and forth in one breath.
The spirit cannot be retained in form.
And, though ever moving, it cannot be heard. 

The Master said: 
When fencing, though highly alert,
The appearance is as calm as a butterfly’s
But when in action, a leaping Tiger emerges.

Present a weakness to invite attack,
But be powerful when unleashed.
The reaction begins after the attack,
But the response strikes first. 

The Qualities and Abilities of a Dragon Warrior 

To master the Way of the Dragon, you must master the Eight Qualities and Twelve Abilities that comprise the skills needed to be a Dragon Warrior.

The Eight Qualities 
1. Fists
2. Eyes
3. Form
4. Motion
5. Spirit
6. Breath
7. Strength
8. Technique

The fist is like a shooting star, the eyes are as quick as lightning, the form is of a striking snake, the motion is smooth and fast, the spirit is full, the breath brings life, the strength must flow freely and the technique remains pure.

The Twelve Descriptions of Ability 
1. In motion, move like a thundering wave
2. When still, be like a mountain
3. Rising up, be like a monkey
4. Land swiftly and lightly like a bird
5. Be steady like a rooster on one leg
6. One’s stance is as firm as a pine tree, yet expresses motion
7. Spin swiftly and circularly like a wheel
8. Bend and flex like a bow
9. Waft gracefully like a leaf in the wind
10. Sink like a heavy piece of metal
11. Prey like a watchful, gliding eagle
12. Accelerate like a gusty wind

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